14 Years, Case Unsolved

Fox News NE Unsolved: Deanna Cremin

For Katherine Cremin, this is a brutal time of year. 

It is the time when she must remember both her daughter’s birth and death. 

Deanna Cremin was born on March 26, 1978. She died On March 30, 1995. Deanna’s case, after 14 years, remains unsolved. And that’s why, when the snow melts, and March turns to April, Katherine Cremin’s agony increases. 

I have featured Deanna Cremin’s case on New England’s Unsolved several times over the years. Each time, we hope that the passage of time will lead someone with information to finally step forward. Maybe this is the year. 

The Deanna Cremin murder investigation now ultimately belongs to Middlesex County DA Gerry Leone. So much time has passed since Deanna’s Cremin’s lifeless body was discovered just a few blocks from her home, that Leone is now the third District Attorney to investigate Deanna’s case.

On Friday, Gerry and I talked about the Deanna Cremin investigation. He firmly believes that this murder can and will be solved. Forensic science, Gerry told me, may very well reveal Deanna’s killer. in fact, Gerry told me, evidence collected from the crime scene is being analyzed with procedures not even imagined back in 1995. But investigators need more. They need someone to tell what they know. DA Leone added, he remains committed to bringing Deanna’s killer to justice. 

For Katherine Cremin, the suffering never ends. All year long, Katherine looks for new ways to help investigators. She is determined to keep her daughter’s case alive, though she knows nothing will bring Deanna back. At this point, there is no closure; those wounds will never heal. But there is a hope for justice. Katherine told me, so far, the only people paying for Deanna’s murder, are members of Deanna’s family. It’s time to change that. 

In one respect, Katherine Cremin is lucky. She is fortunate to have such a dedicated team of investigators, from the DA to detectives, still working this case as hard as they possibly can. Somerville Detectives are refusing to give up on this case too.

If Deanna Cremine was still alive, she would be 31 now. Very possibly, she’d be a mom, and she’d be working with special needs children, trying to make a difference in other lives. That dream was stolen from Deanna Cremin sometime between March 29 and March 30, 1995, in an alley on Jacques Street, in a burst of brutal violence. 

If you know something about this case, please contact Somerville Police at 617.625.1212 or Mass State Police assigned to the Middlesex County DA at 781.897.6650.

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