About Deanna

Deanna Cremin was a student at Somerville High School and studying in the Child Development Program. Deanna loved children and was interested in becoming a pre-school teacher. She had been babysitting regularly, and working with third graders at a nearby elementary school.

Deanna volunteered at Somerville Cable Access Television, and worked at Star Market. She loved animals, especially cats.

Just three days after her 17th birthday, Deanna was murdered the night of March 29, 1995.  Deanna is survived by three brothers and two sisters.

Katherine Cremin remembers Deanna stealing her older sister’s clothes and covering up for her younger brother when he got into mischief.

“She was a real goofball,” Katherine said.

She remembers Deanna volunteering her time to work with special needs students, even going so far as to bring some of the children home.

“She always identified with the underdog. She was a teenager with goals, most of them centered on helping people in need,” Katherine said.

She remembers Deanna gladly spending hours on end with her grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, she said.

“She was simple in the things she enjoyed. Family was the most important thing for her. She always paid attention to the people who everybody else forgot about,” Katherine said.

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