Hundreds March

Hundreds march, seeking justice for murdered teen
By Somerville Journal

Posted Oct 01, 2006 @ 08:00 PM

Somerville — Eleven years after 17-year-old Deanna Cremin was murdered, hundreds marched this past weekend so she will not be forgotten.

Clothed in ‘Justice for Deanna’ shirts, hundreds marched through her old neighborhood to make others aware of the unsolved crime.

Earlier this year, Melissa Sherman, a district attorney spokeswoman, said state police assigned to the district attorney’s office continue to work with the Somerville Police Department on the case.

‘The case is still unsolved,’ Sherman said. ‘To date, no arrests have been made. We know it was a long time ago, and witnesses may be hesitant, but we do encourage anyone with any information to come forward.’

Deanna Cremin was a Somerville High School student when she was strangled on March 30, 1995. She was found dead off Jaques Street behind a senior housing building.

On Sunday, Elizabeth Needham, who was Deana Cremins’ best friend, read a poem by Emilie Doogan, ‘Waiting for Your Return.’ A prayer was read by Rev. Obi, and a balloon with an envelope attached addressed to ‘hope’ on the outside was released into the air after friends and city officials spoke.

Anyone with information regarding Deanna Cremin’s death can contact the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office at 617-679-6600, or the Somerville Police Department at 617-625-1600.

Waiting For Your Return

Emilie D., Somerville, MA

A brilliant life cut short.

A family left in pain

A day that’s filled with sunshine.

One that should be filled with rain.

A quiet community shattered

by this heinous crime of late.

Wondering why it happened

and why it was your fate.

Grieving friends leaving notes of love

on the site where you were found.

Solemn notes,

Containing memories,

And wishes that you were around.

Your locker’s decorated

With notes of love

That people stop to read

People that never knew you

slowly begin to grieve.

You’ll never go to a prom

Where you’d surely be the queen.

Graduation will come and go

But you will not be seen.

And around every corner,

And at every turn,

People stand waiting,

Waiting for your return.

Dedicated in loving memory to

Deanna J. Cremin

March 26, 1978 – March 30, 1995

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